Just Kiln Time is family-owned and operated.  Our family began working with ceramic pottery in 1962 and we have been heavily in the industry ever since.  Over the years we have learned many techniques and methods of painting.  In many cases, we have learned easier ways to make elaborate works of art.  We would like you to join us in learning these techniques as we teach different classes and help you make stunning pottery pieces.

Please check out the classes we have available for online booking.

Vintage Christmas Tree Class

June 8th - 1 spot left

July 6th - 3 spots left 

August 5th - 6 spots left 

updated 5-27-21

approximately 3 hours long.

Price - $95.00 

includes everything you need

Come paint your very own vintage Christmas Tree just like you're grandmother had.  

The tree stands approximately 16 inches tall and is illuminated with a lamp bulb in the base.  Throughout the entire tree, there are plastic bulbs that will light up and give a beautiful look for your Christmas display.